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Special Announcement

As an ambassador for the Bärenherz Stiftung  I am very happy to announce that on September 8th I will sing a concert, with my wife Tamar on the piano, in the beautiful Lutherkirche in Wiesbaden. We will present a beautiful selection of baroque and classical songs as well as folksongs and pop songs.

There are still tickets available and I invite everybody to come and enjoy the music, while supporting the work of Bärenherz.

You can find information about Bärenherz  and our concert here.

Welcome to my official website. Here you’ll get an introduction to my story – from my background as a singer and musician, to my teaching methods, and my passion for film-making . You can also keep track of my concert schedule, explore my discography, and listen to some of my own compositions. For those wanting something a little more personal, there’s my blog. In it I keep a record of my thoughts about life at home, and out on the road.