Andreas Scholl - the official website

Special Announcement

The idea to create some kind of internet music show was something I had on my mind for a few years, already before it became reality this November. With the start of the first lockdown in March I had time to develop this idea further and teach myself the necessary technical skills for such a video-production. For the first episode of this entirely self-produced show that mixes music with local history I decided to sing and play with my wife Tamar in order to introduce the show's concept.

Room Service is available as VOD (Video on demand) and I hope that music lovers who would otherwise come to my concerts will access Room Service instead and stay connected with me and my music.

Room Service trailer

Welcome to my official website. Here you’ll get an introduction to my story – from my background as a singer and musician, to my teaching methods, and my passion for film-making . You can also keep track of my concert schedule, explore my discography, and listen to some of my own compositions. For those interested in my latest VOD productions, there's my Room Service VOD show.